Pricing for AdWords (PPC) Campaign Setup & Management

AdWords PPC Campaign Setup & Management Fee

1st month fee – 15% of your expected monthly budget (Payable to Google/BingAds/Facebook) OR Rs 15,000, whichever is greater.

2nd month onward – 12% of your expected monthly budget OR 12,000 whichever is greater

What all will I be doing?

  • Analysis of your USPs and Competitive Advantages
  • Studying your target customers’ preferences and behaviour
  • Analysis of your previous Campaigns, if any
  • Keyword, competition, and target geography analysis
  • Campaigns design, structuring, and setup
  • Writing/Optimizing Ad copies
  • Setting up required Ad Extensions
  • Landing page analysis
  • Landing page tweaks and tune up for relevancy to Ad goals
  • Consulting for conversion funnel optimisation
  • Optimizing bidding, quality score, CTR, CPC etc.
  • Setting up remarketing campaigns and other campaigns required
  • Setting up different Display Network Advertising for better branding
  • LP A/B testing if required (On higher budgets only)
  • Google Analytics Goal Setup
  • Analyzing the need of micro ad groups
  • Setting up micro ad groups for differently themed keywords
  • Analyzing Ad Group/Campaign level negative keywords
  • Adding negative keywords to the account as required
  • Check on low-performing ads, keywords, and campaigns
  • Sales Discussion and Consultation
Please note that once the payment is confirmed, I will need at least 24 to 48 hours to do all the required setup.×

If you need more information about my pricing for AdWords PPC Management or need pricing for Facebook, Bing or Twitter campaigns management, please feel free to contact me. I am accessible at the following details:

Phone: +91 9971919509
WhatsApp: +91 9971919509
Skype: ratan.j

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