Broad Match Modifiers – Everything that you should know

Last modified on June 15, 2015

You would agree that choosing the right set of keywords is one of the most crucial steps of search engine marketing. No matter whether it is organic search marketing or pay-per-click marketing, the keywords you chose have the potential to make or mar your strategies. Especially in the case of Pay Per Click Advertising, it becomes even more crucial. The reason is obviously the fact that you pay for every click in PPC advertising, and hence you need relevant keywords and better control on them.

Thankfully with AdWords, we have several effective techniques which allow us to choose and fine tune our keywords exactly according to our advertising goals. Once we are done analyzing keywords, making final lists, and adding them in relevant campaigns and ad groups, we can control them further with the help of keyword match type.

As advertisers, you have the freedom to choose whether you would like to target based on broad match, phrase match, or exact match. Not just that, there’s one more method which is used considerably lesser but has got huge potential. It is – Broad Match Modifier (BMM). Continue reading…

6 awesome reasons why you should use PPC and SEO together

Last modified on June 15, 2015

ppc and seo together

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PPC and SEO are very often described as two entirely different marketing strategies for promoting businesses online.  The prevailing practice is that if one is not working, let’s try the other. But practically, this is not how it should be taken.

Pay-per-click advertising and Search Engine Optimization can work together without any conflict. On the contrary, an approach to combine both of these together has the potential to prove more beneficial in terms of increasing marketing reach and positively influencing the associated Returns On Investments. Both these channels of marketing complement each other like no others do.

I know you have many questions. If the reasons I am going to give here do not seem to answer your questions, post them in the comment section below this article. Continue reading…

Price list for AdWords Advertising

Last modified on June 13, 2015

Give me the price list of advertising with AdWords.

How much do I need to spend to get certain number of leads/sales? Or, What is the cost of advertising with AdWords?

What is the guarantee?

Well, these are some of the questions which many of the new advertisers (who have not used AdWords before) have in mind. I got to answer a similar question in the AdWords Community this week. I am reposting my reply here – Continue reading…

Pretty Little Secrets to decrease costs on your AdWords spends

Last modified on June 13, 2015

You use hundreds of keywords with AdWords campaigns to get maximum exposures for your ads, right? But, how do you find out the best performing keywords and what do you do optimize the low performing ones?

Wait, do not ignore this question as it can make or mar your advertising efforts with Google AdWords.

I know you spend your time and money to make sure that you are able to get the best out of your advertising spends with Google. But practically, it is not all. AdWords is a complex system with a simple interface. It illudes ease but keeps a whole lot of science behind it. Most beginners fail to understand it and as a result end up spending unnecessarily.

Continue reading…

The 5 Pillars of AdWords Success – By Google

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Everyday your customers and millions of people search the web for products and services like yours. They are presented with thousands of options and make quick decisions about whether to click or pass. Marketing your business online with AdWords can help you have more potential customers discover your business and turn them into real customers. Continue reading…

5 Adwords optimization mistakes that you must NOT make

Last modified on June 13, 2015

PPC Expert

If you are not someone outrageously rich like this California kid, I am sure you also care for your money like I do and everyone else does. More precisely, when it is about the business, we care more, don’t we?

If you agree, stop depositing your cash to Google’s wallet uselessly. Pay only for what it deserves.

This is the time you should look into your Adwords account and stitch all those monstrous holes that Google creates by default. Continue reading…

38 Online Resources to learn SEO

Last modified on June 13, 2015

Learn seo online

Do you know what makes a freelance writer succeed online? It’s not merely their writing skills or industry expertise, an online writer has to be a great marketer to succeed online. Yes, it’s a proven fact. If you don’t know what to market your website or your blog efficiently, you are most likely to fail online. Continue reading…

5 reasons why your visitors are leaving your website

Last modified on December 11, 2018

website user-experience

With millions of web pages coming up online every day, the engagements metrics for your website or landing pages are crucial than ever before. It’s not only about bringing visitors to a page anymore. What matters much more than it is – How long do those visitors actually stay on your site and what action do they take? In short, how they engage.  Continue reading…