Now Manage Google TrueView Ads Right From AdWords Interface

AdWords trueview

TrueView Ads can now be managed from the AdWords interface only. What does that mean to you?

Well, it brings in the simplicity of a single interface which offers a better and more consistent user experience. You can find and create your video campaigns simply by clicking the same +Campaign button which you use to create Search, Display or Shopping campaigns.

Moreover, you can work with bulk management tools to save your time and efforts while working with your TrueView campaigns.

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Google Says Goodbye to AdWords WAP Mobile Ads

AdWords WAP Ads Discontinued

Google announces that WAP mobile ad will no longer be supported with AdWords. It means you won’t be able to create or use WAP mobile ads any more, and if you are already using such ads in your AdWords campaigns, they will stop serving. You will need to create another ad from the available options.

I would say it’s a good move. Mobile technology have come of age now and as a result there is no need for a specific WAP ad format. There are more efficient ad formats which can be used for better results on mobile devices.

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7 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress which I Have Used and Tested Personally

If you run a WordPress website you would agree that choosing a right plugin is always a challenging task. No matter what kind of plugins you need, you are more likely to find several options. And this is where you get confused. Don’t you?

You are not alone! Every WordPress user goes through this in the beginning and so did I. I have used WordPress as my preferred CMS for 8 years now. As a result, I have tested hundreds of plugins, free and premium, till date. Some worked the way I needed while the others only left me frustrated. But never mind, if you are looking for an efficient social sharing plugin for WordPress, I am going to make your hunt easier. Here, are 7 of the best WordPress social sharing plugins which I have used myself on different websites. Hope it will help you make your final decision about choosing the right one.

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AdWords Upgraded URLs deadline approaching – July 1st. Are you ready?

As already indicated by Google, the final deadline for the migration of Destination URL to Final URLs  is July 1st, 2015. On this very date, Destination URLs will be depreciated and will be replaced by Final URLs. If your URLs have tracking information attached to them at the moment, they would be moved to Tracking Template field. But, if you are using advanced tracking, you may be in trouble if you do not upgrade manually.

July 1st will be the forced upgrade. Make sure you do not have to lose your tracking in the automatic migration. Continue reading…

New Metrics to Let You Measure AdWords Engagement Ads’ Performance

Last modified on June 15, 2015


If you have been running AdWords Engagement Ads (Lightbox Ads), you can now get even deeper insights about their performances. Three key metrics namely – Engagements, Engagement rate, and Avg. CPE (Cost Per Engagement) are going to be introduced by June 22, 2015. You will find them as new columns under the statistics table.

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Are you using benchmarks data in AdWords Keywords Planner? If not already, start using now

Last modified on June 15, 2015


Having the right set of keywords for your AdWords campaigns is a crucial step to succeed in your online advertising strategies. Not just that, even when you have achieved a fair share of search impression for your existing keywords, you need a plan to expand, expand to more relevant and profitable keywords and compete better with your competitor, don’t you?

Thanks to the benchmarks data in AdWords Keyword Planner, you can streamline your keyword expansion strategy more efficiently. You can compare your search terms coverage to that of your competitors and reviewing your relative ad impressions share against top five market leaders, you can get valuable ideas on where to focus more. Continue reading…

Time to Upgrade to AdWords Editor 11.1. Support for 10.6 ends on 30th June

Last modified on June 15, 2015

If have been using AdWords Editor 10.6, it’s the time you should download and install the latest version i.e. 11.1.2. The support for the older version will end on 30th June 2015.

This new version is a standalone version, so there won’t be an auto upgrade. You would manually need to download and install. Yes, it would be a bit difficult for you to get yourself familiar with the new version as the interface is different, but once you get used to it, you will love this new version.

The AE 11.1 is full of features and enhancements which Continue reading…

Fire Your AdWords Agency Right Now If They Are Hiding These From You

Last modified on June 15, 2015

You definitely made a right decision by choosing to advertise with AdWords. The kind of reach, targeting options, and the tracking methodologies which this advertising system gives you is simply unparalleled. To tell you the truth, if you can’t reach out to the right segment of people online using AdWords, trust me, no other advertising platform can actually help you do that more efficiently. AdWords reaches out to almost of 90% of internet population. Doesn’t your potential customers fall under this radar?

I know, they do, but I am failing to reach out to them…

Is it what running in your mind at the moment?

If yes, you need to hold on and analyse if the AdWords expert or agency that you have hired actually understands your business goals well and all your campaigns are actually aligned to them properly. There are several other aspects which you need to be aware of while dealing with your agency. Make sure you are not being cheated on. Here are some of the most common bad practices that your AdWords agency may be thriving off, do keep a check on them – Continue reading…

Low Advertising budgets? Here’s how AdWords can still work for you

Last modified on June 15, 2015

When it comes to advertising with AdWords, there’s definitely no close alternatives. Let’s not get into the reasons. I am sure you know them all.

But, it becomes important to note that as more and more businesses are advertising with AdWords, it is making the competition stiffer. The keywords which costed pennies a few years ago are now costing elephants. Yes, it is not the same with every keyword or industry; still you can’t deny a significant increase in the amounts you bid.

Thankfully, it does not end or minimise the scope of a positive Return On Investments. There are strategies which when deployed efficiently in place can ensure profitability for you.

What are those strategies? How to ensure your maximum Returns On Advertising Spends (ROAS) with AdWords? Even when you are low on budgets?

Without much ado, let’s get into the detail…  Continue reading…