7 Reasons Why You Should Bid On Your Own Brand Keywords

Should I bid on my own brand search terms?

When our website is already ranking at the top for our brand name search terms, why should we spend on ads?

If you have the same question as above, you are not alone. It has long been debated and has been  one of the most asked questions from businesses of all sizes.

There have been several types of researches around this topic and the findings have always proved it worthy to have specific PPC campaigns to target brand search terms.

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5 reasons why your landing page fails to convert!

Last modified on November 11, 2016

landing page optimization

You love your landing pages, don’t you? But, is that what you built it for?

Think… You didn’t build it to please only your eyes.

You have a purpose. A goal that your business aims. It can be anything. Leads to generate? Sales to make? Awareness to create? Or something else similar…

Whatever may your goal be, your landing page must be in line with what you aim to achieve through your marketing planning and advertising strategies.

If it’s not, you are going to have a difficult time meeting your advertising goals. Take some time to analyse your landing pages and verify if they are actually optimised for conversions.

Here are the top five reasons why most of the landing pages fail to impress and convert. Continue reading…

Digital marketing for Travel Startups – An interview at #TravHQ

Last modified on March 19, 2018

Digital Marketing for Travel Startups - My interview #TravHQ

Have got questions related to digital marketing for travel startups? Do you run a travel business and advertise it online with Google AdWords? Find answers to all your queries in my latest interview at TravHQ. If you have any further questions, leave it here or on that post itself. I will be happy to connect and take your questions.

Read it here – https://www.travhq.com/industry/interviews/travel-marketers-everything-you-wanted-to-ask-about-digital-advertising-answered-by-google-adwords-expert-ratan-jha/

PPC for Tech Support – The Sunset and The Alternative

End of road for PPC for Tech Support

If you have been into tech support business, it’s the time to move on. Yes, admit it. That’s the ultimate fact now.

AdWords stopped allowing ads for tech support on Google and on it’s Display Network inventories long ago. The primary reasons for the same were – violation of trademark policies, and misleading promotion methodologies. After Google stopped it, the entire tech support business started relying on BingAds and on those spamy popup and pop-under ads run through several low quality ad networks. But now, with BingAds finally Continue reading…

Effective marketing to existing customers with AdWords

marketing to existing customers

If you are ignoring your existing customers, you are definitely making a mistake. You would be surprised to know that your existing customers can drive more sales and branding to your business. But yes, you need a different approach for marketing to them effectively.

Learn how AdWords can help you get more sales from your existing customer base.

Read my recent article in Official AdWords Community. 

Ads in Gmail Now Open to All AdWords Advertisers

Google finally makes native Gmail ads available to all AdWords advertisers. It can be accessed in ‘Ad Gallery’ section in the AdWords interface. Earlier it was accessible only through request where an advertiser needed to contact AdWords sales representative and ask for white-listing Gmail Ads. But now, you don’t need to ask for it. It’s already there.

However, a few important features like click to call and HTML forms still need you to contact the sales representative. But, if you are not an advanced user and would like to simply experiment targeting specifically Gmail users right in their inbox with expandable ads, it’s definitely a good piece of news for you.

Does it have any potential?

Well, I have used and still use Gmail ads for many of clients. In my experience Continue reading…