How to Effectively Use Audience Targeting in Your PPC Campaigns

Audience Targeting

It is difficult to understate the impact that audience targeting has had on the way PPC campaigns are run. Audience targeting relies on grouping potential consumers by criteria like age, geographic location, and interests. In its simplest use, you can select criteria to narrow the potential audience your ads will reach, making your campaigns more targeted… Read more »

5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Holiday Advertising

Holiday Advertising Strategies

The holiday season is the most profitable time of year for nearly all business across the board. By some estimates, holiday sales can represent nearly 30% of a business’ annual revenue. With that much business at stake, you need to make the most out of your holiday advertising campaign.

Google Product Experts Meetup 2018, Dublin, Ireland

Google Product Experts Meetup 2018

This year’s Google Top Contributor Summit (now it’s called Google Products Experts Meetup) for AdWords (now Google Ads) was held in Google’s EU Headquarters at Dublin, Ireland. I came back to Delhi the day before yesterday. Thought of writing a brief blog about it. So here I am…

Facebook Ad Spy Tools: See Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads Free

Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Spying isn’t bad at all when it comes to marketing. The more information you have on your competitors’ strategies the better prepared you can be with your own campaigns.  Today, I am going to talk about two free Facebook ads spy tools which you can use to see your competitors’ ad copies without paying a… Read more »

Modern Keyword Research Strategies for Busy Startups

Are you a busy startup owner who’s looking to market your service on the internet using SEO? I think you’re definitely on the right track. After all, with all the benefits that come with SEO, you are bound to achieve a good level of success if you manage to rank your pages for the right… Read more »

11 Easy Ways To Improve AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate) Right Away

The Click Through Rate (CTR) of an AdWords ad is one of the most significant metrics that every advertiser should be working with. It’s completely fine if it’s not your KPI (Key Performance Indicator). However, it’s definitely one metric that lets you know whether your campaign optimization strategies are healthy enough and are headed in… Read more »

Why do some Google search results have no ads?

Ever wondered as to why do some Google search results have no ads? Here’s the answer: Google aims to show right ads to the right user(s) at the right time. And to be consistent with this philosophy, which is related more to the relevance of Google’s result pages to the users’ queries, Google may sometimes choose… Read more »

How to Improve Google AdWords Quality Score?

Stuck with poor quality scores of your keywords in AdWords campaigns? Not sure where to get started to fix them? The following are some of the proven techniques to help you improve quality score. 

AdWords Quality Score: The Myth & The Reality

  AdWords quality score is one of the most significant metrics of your AdWords account. The higher your quality score is, the lesser you pay for a click with Google AdWords. Right? If your keywords have a poor quality score, you are bound to pay higher. And, if you think of fixing things and improving… Read more »