Google's first page rankings

Ever wondered as to how long does it normally take for a web page to actually rank in the first page of Google’s search results? Not by itself, of course. But with proper SEO planning and executions.

There hasn’t been a clear answer to this question. All you got was – it depends.

A recent study by ahrefs came up with some really interesting and thought-provoking findings. They will not only surprize you, but will add some clarity to the vague answers that you have been getting by now – it depends.

Here’s an infographic that explains the findings beautifully and gives you great insights into the question – “How long does it to rank in Google’s first-page search results?”. Go through it and feel free to share the knowledge around.

How long does it take to rank Google?
How long does it take to rank in Google's first page? Here's the answer you looked for.Click To Tweet
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