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Modern Keyword Research Strategies for Busy Startups

Are you a busy startup owner who’s looking to market your service on the internet using SEO? I think you’re definitely on the right track. After all, with all the benefits that come with SEO, you are bound to achieve a good level of success if you manage to rank your pages for the right… Read more »

How Long Does It Take To Rank In Google’s First Page Search Results?

Google's first page rankings

Ever wondered as to how long does it normally take for a web page to actually rank in the first page of Google’s search results? Not by itself, of course. But with proper SEO planning and executions. There hasn’t been a clear answer to this question. All you got was – it depends.

Mobilegeddon – Is Google Forcing You to Go Mobile?

April 21 2015, Google announced the arrival of Mobile update which aims to make Google’s organic results more friendly to mobile phones. Here’s what the official declaration came – Starting Today, April 21 2015, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide… Read more »

6 awesome reasons why you should use PPC and SEO together

ppc and seo together

(Image Source- Hans Splinter, Flickr) PPC and SEO are very often described as two entirely different marketing strategies for promoting businesses online.  The prevailing practice is that if one is not working, let’s try the other. But practically, this is not how it should be taken. Pay-per-click advertising and Search Engine Optimization can work together… Read more »