adwords-app-deviceGoogle launched Android app for AdWords last week which obviously is a game changer move. You can now look into your campaigns can make changes/tweaks on the go. AdWords is in your pocket now.

I have personally been using this app since the first day of its launch and I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars for now. No doubt, it gives you much ease at making tweaks to your campaigns, adwords-app-opportunityad groups, keywords etc. there’s definitely more to be greedy at.
For instance, shopping campaigns do not have more control at the moment. But nothing to worry, we can expect more features to be added in the coming updates.

There are a few more things that I would like to tell you about this new app. The first thing is its beautiful graphical representation of your campaigns performance. Yes, you can see several graphs depicting performance in the selected date range.

The second thing, I have liked the most by now is it opportunity section. It looks promising and more accurate.

How about digging it yourself? Yes, give it a try, here’s the link to Play Store.

Happy Advertising!

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