About Me – Ratan Jha

How I can help?
I help businesses – startups or established ones – formulate, implement and streamline their marketing campaigns. When you bring me into the picture, marketing does not remain a traditional operation eating into your budgets. It becomes more about improving your overall Returns on Investment, branding and meeting your business goals. After all, that’s what the bottom line is, isn’t it?

More about me…

  • Google  AdWords Certified Professional
  • Google Top Contributor in Official AdWords Community (Global – EN)
  • #Digigurus Winner – A Competition among badged Google Partners in India
  • BingAds Accredited Professional
  • Google Analytics Certified Professional
  • Certified by HubSpot™ for Inbound Marketing
  • Google AdWords Partner
  • Founder – Splashsys Webtech

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A bit more…
Digital marketing is not my job, it’s my passion. I love every bit of it. Something new to learn everyday, something new to experience everyday, the psychology of customers, their buying behaviors, the Aha moments, the sh** moments, technological updates, silly mistakes, the challenges, the solutions, the deadlines, the deliveries, and the achievements… yes, it all makes me what I am. And I simply enjoy every single bit of it.

When not working…
I play my keyboard, read books, or spend time with little plants in the garden.

Anything for me? Questions, suggestions, feedback, or simply a ‘hi’. Don’t hesitate to connect, find me only a click away.