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If you let quality prevail, every single word can bring you a sale!

When any content is written in sync with the quality information and right keyword placements in the right lines, it is sure to fetch you a pool of loyal visitors. Don't just keep TEXTs on your website, keep well refined, optimized, and authentic set of information which leaves a positive impact on your website visitors. Hiring an apt content writer is indeed a crucial step to it.

Sounds convincing, doesn't it? But why a freelancer? Well, I would say that a freelance writer can really bring the difference you are looking for. To be practical, you might mean just ANOTHER CLIENT for a business house, company or organization, but for a freelance content writer, you would mean the WHOLE WORLD. Yes, that's true. But come on! I am not forcing you to get convinced, the DECISION is completely yours!


SEO Article Writing Services

It's all about the quality contents of your website which bring you visitors and make them look for more on your pages. Don't compromise on it anymore. Let the visitors STAY, STICK and COME BACK. It will convert a visitor into a loyal customer.

If you bring me in the picture, I can assist you with quality SEO CONTENT WRITING SERVICES that can make every single word bring a sale.


Freelance Writing Services


Why Freelance Content Writer?

Writing is deeply connected to Creativity, and creativity is something that thrives only when the mind is left FREE to THINK, ideate and create . A Freelancer does not work under stressful environment of offices. Consequently, you come across the creativity at its best.

Further, the sense of responsibility is even more as there is no place for work delegation.

You need a freelance SEO content writer, if...
  • If you wish to enrich your website with attractive, accurate and impressive contents
  • If you are tired of using Article Spinners/Automated Content Creators and now wish to get 100% original and SEO optimized contents
  • If you need to convey message to your audience in the most efficient manner
  • if you want to Improve your conversion rates manifold
As your freelance writer, I can assist you in...
  • Getting Improved conversion rates by turning visitors into customers
  • Building a loyal readership pool
  • Feeding your website with the food of contents that will be loved not only by your visitors, but also by Search Bots
  • Meeting all your content writing requirements with a well focused eye on deadlines

Do contents really matter? Can't you do without them?

They say - "Action speaks louder than words", very true. But have you ever wondered as to what provokes one to go for an action? The majority of actions we perform everyday are influenced by words, sometime by our own and sometimes by that of others. I am sure you, yourself, know it all. There is no need to discuss about what words can actually do, it is known to all. But the question is - "Can you, in the context of contents on your website, do without quality?". Can you get your sales figure increased by putting mere keywords in the description of your products or services? Well, you are right... no one can. Taking it the other way, no matter how extensive your SEO campaign is, it is always prone to fail in the absence of quality and optimized text contents. Even if you choose Adwords to bring business and bid highest on PPC for a certain keyword, it cannot guarantee conversions. It's about the quality score you acquire through your website contents that does the trick. Now, I am sure you know how significant can the SEO content writing be?

Before you get ahead to make a decision, take a moment and analyze where you rate the quality of your website contents. If you are satisfied with what you have, I am hardly of any use for you. But yes, if you think it is not fetching satisfactory conversions and is sitting somewhere past 2nd page of Google Search Results, I am there to delight you. As your freelance content writer, I can always meet your expectations by putting my experience and expertise together. However I am not the only one out here, there are many. Perhaps, hosting a domain has got cheaper.... lol ! Thank God, quality still matters the most.

Before you get ahead with hiring me as your freelance SEO content writer, how about skimming through some of the sample contents I have written. After all, seeing is believing. Find it below in the third box from left:

SEO Content Writing Packages
25 SEO Article Contents @300 USD
  • One Primary Keyword
  • Up to three Secondary Keywords
  • Summary & Resource Box
  • 100% Plagiarism Free Contents
  • Optimum Keyword Density
1000 Words for Web Page @70 USD
  • Keywords as Desired
  • Professional Flair
  • Call Per Action Text
  • 100% Plagiarism Free Contents
  • Optimum Keyword Density
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Thank you all for keeping me motivated!
That's what I call seo content writing! He did a great job for my website. Ratan is update with the information present content writing demands and that reflects in his writings. My seo guys also are happy with his contents.
Cartney, New Zealand
He wrote a business proposal for me that I needed to present to my investors. Even when I did not give him much time, the need was urgent, his proposal won me the investment I desperately needed. His controlled and crisp writing style is always backed with articulate facts and information. Thank you...
Kelvin, Somerset
Recommended! He delivered what he promised and also what I expected. Looking to get consistent work for him. He is great even when you don't want keyword specific contents. I indeed got great quality content writing services from Ratan... Cheers!
Sajjad, Dubai.
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